Cleaning is an important key aspect of solar panel maintenance. The dustier your area, the more frequent inspection is recommended. This ensures that dirt, grime, bird droppings, and debris do not block the sun from efficient absorption by the panels.

There are a few ways you can maintain solar panels. The first way is to rinse of dust with a standard garden hose, Always shut down the panels first before cleaning to avoid electric shock while cleaning the panels.

If you have no time in cleaning solar panels, you can install automated cleaners that work like sprinkler systems or even schedule appointments with solar panel cleaning companies.

solar cleaning

solar maintenance

Free professional check-up
Another way to maintain solar panels is to take advantage of your free professional checkup. You are entitled to free professional checkup depending on your solar dealer or how long you’ve had your solar panels.


Check the Panels after a Severe Weather Events
An extremely bad storm, tornado, or hurricane in some parts of the world can result in broken panels. Broken glass will obviously have a very bad impact on the performance of your solar panel system. You can easily diagnose problems with the system by checking the cosmetic appearance of the panels or watching their performance through online monitoring.


Anticipate efficiency loss
The third way to maintain solar panels is to anticipate efficiency loss before it happens. We are talking about monitoring performance and keeping tabs on your solar panels. Depending on your dealer, you can purchase a monitoring device that helps you track your solar panel efficiency and reports every information to you.