Increases access to energy
Though the deficiency of power in Nigeria is increasing rapidly, there are many people both in the rural and urban areas, who have improper and unreliable access to electricity. These people are forced to rely on alternatives like diesel generators. These alternatives pose harmful effects on health and they are volatile in terms of their operating costs. In such a scenario, solar energy serves as an affordable source of electricity.

Save Money By Going Solar
One of the biggest advantages of solar energy is it can provide you with considerable savings. Your system will pay for itself in 5-7 years, and then you’ll be enjoying close to free electricity for the entire 25+ year life of your system. A switch to solar decreases your dependence on your utility
because solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity with the power of the sun. With low monthly payments and little or no money down, taking advantage of the benefits of going solar could eliminate your electric bills and your monthly bill anxiety.

Solar Power Improves Home Values
In addition to saving you money on your electric bill, one of the benefits of solar panels is they also improve home value.

Energy Independence Through Solar Power & Storage
Freedom and independence from your utility are huge benefits of solar energy. When you add battery backup to your solar system, it provides you with even more independence as you’re not only generating your own power, you’re also storing it to use whenever you need it. When you use solar plus storage and your system isn’t grid-tied, your house remains powered even when there’s a

No Maintenance
Again, if you’re considering solar energy pros and cons, you might be thinking maintenance is one of the cons. But there’s actually little to no maintenance associated with solar. Once your solar energy equipment is installed by a professional, there’s very little you have to do. There’s no need to
schedule regular maintenance checks.

Solar is Easy
Also at the top of the list of benefits of solar power is how easy it is. One of the solar energy advantages allows you to generate your own power, so you no longer have to deal with the hassle of fully depending on your utility and its constantly rising electricity rates.