Running a hotel or resort business isn’t easy. Every year in most locations, your profits depend heavily on factors that are outside of your control, such as weather, economic conditions, and tourism trends.

Hotels also often face excess taxes from various municipalities that other businesses don’t have to pay. Besides that, there are many fixed costs, from a large staff to your various utility bills that eat into your profit margin.

In good times, profit margins are great. In lean times, you can quickly fall into a tailspin because your bills don’t go away.
This is why any strategies that allow a hotel to reduce their fixed expenses can make a huge difference to long term profit margins and business stability.

This Is The Principal Benefit Of Solar Power For Hotels.

Saving money isn’t the only reason resorts and hotels should give solar power a serious look. Let’s look at five ways solar power can help your hotel or resort grow its business while saving money at the same time.

If you can pay off your solar investment in under ten (or under five) years, you’ll have decades of dramatically reduced fixed energy costs.
As one small business site puts it in an article with tips on how to increase your hotel’s profit margins, “A building designed for energy efficiency will lower utility bills for decades to come.”

Another hotel industry article says, “Even if a hotelier finances their solar setup through a third  party, there’s often an immediate improvement in cash flow because the utility savings amount to
more than the monthly finance payment to the third party.”

Because hotels use so much energy, even financing a solar power system often produces immediate savings in monthly expenses.

Energy Star estimates hotels spend $2196 per room annually – just on energy. 60% of that comes from lighting, HVAC, and water heating. Yes, you can probably make some energy efficiency improvements in these areas. But those can only take you so far (and usually incur their own investment costs and payback periods).

Solar smashes a much bigger hole in your expenses, does it immediately, and has a faster payback period than most other improvements you could make.

Here’s the simplest way to say it:

Given enough time, solar power always produces a positive return on investment. With hotels and resorts, it’s virtually guaranteed because they use so much energy.

  • Solar Power Demonstrates Hotel’s Environmental Stewardship
  • Creates energy without emissions
  • Solar Helps Hotels Improve Customer Experience
  • Solar Power Improves Hotel’s Media and Public Perception

Business and marketing success thrives on differentiation.

If your hotel is the only one in the area with solar panels, you can plaster that all over your You’ll be almost universally admired and respected for going solar.

Furthermore, with the money you’ll be saving on energy, you can re-invest that in marketing without having to increase your expenses. Your solar power will free up cash flow.

You can also invest your energy savings in upgrades to the hotel, remodeling, and improved customer experience services. Now’s your chance to make those improvements you’ve always wanted to make.