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Telecom Tower Infrastructure company expands a wider installation network in different parts of the region. BTS Sites may be installed in an urban area or it may be a remote location (Ruler, Mountains, Forests & Deserts), where a grid is not available/no existence or areas where a grid is unstable. In any situation Telecom Tower Company’s has to rely on Diesel Generator as a source of power. The running cost of Diesel Generators is higher than solar power due to Higher Operation & Maintenance and load variation factor. Diesel Generator is not an Environment

Multipower Solar offers Various Solar Telecom Solution to meet the current
need/requirement of Telecom Company’. We offer Dynamic Off-Grid Hybrid
Solution with Lithium-Ion Technology to reduce dependency on Diesel Generator and provide cost-effective, clean & stable power supply.


  • System Optimization reduce installation cost and Increased efficiency of the system
  • Selection of efficient PV modules and Electronic.
  • Reliable product design ensures better performance and life of the system
  • Multipower is backed by a highly technical team to meet out latest technology/product upgradation
  •  Strong Service Network


  • Freedom from a Power outage
  • Improve Power Quality &Reliability
  • Reduce electricity bill & increase profitability
  • Reduce Operation and Maintenance cost