9.5KVA/18V Solar Installation at a Women’s hospital in Abia State

Solar energy has been proven as a great fit for healthcare organizations — and not just because solar reduces air pollution and makes the world a healthier place, it also provides reliable and 24/7 uninterrupted power supply.

Health is wealth they say, human life is precious, and as such zero chances should be taken when dealing with human lives.

Many common pieces of medical equipment — such as MRI machines and CT scanners — are in use constantly, consuming significant amounts of energy. And many of these businesses are open 24/7, with heating and air conditioning systems contributing to their sky-high utility bills.

Most medical facilities are at least partly owned by a physician and/or a physicians’ group. These owner-operators often have high tax bills, and solar can bring some relief via a host of solar tax incentives.

Installing a commercial solar system for the healthcare business is a smart way to slash high electricity bills and get electricity delivered more cost-effectively.

Prior to our installation of solar panels at a women’s Hospital in Abia state they experienced high consumption of electricity units, increased operational cost, and frequents power outages which were totally unhealthy for the running of a health care organization.

Multipower Global solutions successfully completed the installation of a 9.5KVA/18V solar system Schneider Conext xw+ Solar Panels 30pc / 1000Ah / 2V Batteries at the Hospital.

This has helped to curb operational costs, reduce spending fuel, increased productivity, and reliability to a very large extent. supplying 24/7 electricity.

Considering solar for your healthcare organization? This is an absolutely smart way to go for its many benefit.

Multipower is here to serve with power needs tailored to suit your needs.