How to choose the right solar panel

Thinking about getting a solar power system installed for your home or office? Thousands of Nigerians are already benefiting from this clean source of renewable energy, so, you’re right on track.

You could spend hours researching the different systems and suppliers available, and still not get any closer to a decision. It’s an investment you want to be sure of, to help you sift through the minefield of information out there, contact Or call 07085706694, a team of energy experts are ready to give you tips on choosing the right system for you.

Here a few things to note for general knowledge in choosing the right solar system.

Size is important 

Every property is different, so you’ll need a solar system tailored to your needs. A big system won’t necessarily mean more financial benefits for you. If you push too much power back to the grid you may get a very minimal return, so choose one which will benefit your own energy needs first. A good starting point is to check the usage on your electricity bill.

Read Reviews

Don’t forget the power of word of mouth! From purchasing the right solar panels to the installation of your new system, you want to make sure you’re partnering with a reputable supplier. Multipower Nigeria has been consistent in delivering excellent value to customers with over 25,500 happy clients in over 5 different locations, 15,000 installations with over 15 Global recognitions.


The price is very important and price here goes beyond money. Think about price in terms of value for money, think how long is the panel system going to last, how much electricity is it going to produce over a short medium and longer period of time.How much money is it going to save me on electricity bill
I would encourage you to go for a higher efficiency panel and a higher efficiency inverter that will last longer and produce more power than a cheaper system.

Other Decisions

Once you have chosen the solar panel, you will need to select the appropriate inverter or inverters for your solar system. The inverter plays a more important role than the solar panels. The inverter makes the greatest difference to the performance of your system, more so than any other component.

Now that you know what is the right type of solar panel for your project or still in the process, let us help you with the rest of your system design and installations. Send us an email at