Powering Hotels With Solar

Full and complete installation of a 20KW off-grid solar system in a hotel in Calabar

The hotel sector is energy-intensive. Using cleaner and cheaper energy sources will help to reduce operational costs and increase competitiveness and sustainability.

Nowadays solar is more cost-effective and affordable than ever. It has also proven its efficiency and reliability over the last few decades which resulted in solar being more interesting and compelling to hotel managers.

Before the installation of a 20KW off-grid solar panel at the hotel in Calabar, the hotel suffered constant power outage which affected the hotel operations with huge electricity bills constantly presented to it despite the frequent power cuts.

Installing solar power systems has resulted in a lot of huge benefits for the said hotel.
Here are some of the benefits the hotel now enjoys

• Uninterrupted power supply day and night
• Reduced electricity charges
• High business profitability
• Increase business integrity
• A Cleaner and healthier environment.

Solar panels are suitable for hotels and can be installed easily and quietly on different rooftops.

A solar power system has a lifespan of over 25 years if constructed properly and designed well.

There are currently numerous hotels that are using solar energy, yours can be counted amongst the number.

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