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SAVE MONEY AND ENERGY USING THESE 10 SIMPLE TIPS   Are you concerned about saving money and energy and running less of your electricity units? Here are ten tips that could save you money and energy this week.    1, Always shut down your computer when not in use. 2, Choose LED lights bulbs, they are […]

Full and complete installation of a 20KW off-grid solar system in a hotel in Calabar The hotel sector is energy-intensive. Using cleaner and cheaper energy sources will help to reduce operational costs and increase competitiveness and sustainability. Nowadays solar is more cost-effective and affordable than ever. It has also proven its efficiency and reliability over […]

A fully installed 3kw off-grid Solar system at a residential in Minna We recently completed a 3kw off-grid solar plant installation at a residential. Solar power is very highly beneficial for homes. It allows you to cut on electricity bills while you enjoy an uninterrupted power supply. It is self-sufficient, clean, long lasting and requires […]

Our Services  Multi-power is focused at providing businesses and homes, regardless of their size and budget, seamless solar solutions at a relatively competitive price with the sole aim of giving their business/homes a reliable and sustainable energy source. Our services include: Energy Auditing, Designing and installation, solar financing and maintenance. Our Products: Our products avail […]

Africa’s most populous country needs more than 10 times its current electricity output to guarantee supply for its 198 million people – nearly half of whom have no access at all, according to power minister Babatunde Fashola. Ready access to electricity will to a very large extent reduce youth unemployment and increase productivity,” Ifeoma Malo, […]

HOW TO MAINTAIN SOLAR PANELS   Cleaning Cleaning is an important key aspect of solar panel maintenance. The dustier your area, the more frequent inspection is recommended. This ensures that dirt, grime, bird droppings, and debris do not block the sun from efficient absorption by the panels. There are a few ways you can maintain […]

Thinking about getting a solar power system installed for your home or office? Thousands of Nigerians are already benefiting from this clean source of renewable energy, so, you’re right on track. You could spend hours researching the different systems and suppliers available, and still not get any closer to a decision. It’s an investment you […]

FREE SOLAR TRAINING ORGANIZED BY MULTIPOWER   As climate change continues to affect our planet and fossil fuels become less profitable, renewable energy has emerged as the obvious answer to ecological sustainability. Despite its importance, solar power generation technologies are new and poorly understood by many, as part of our social obligation, multiPower from time […]

Solar energy has been proven as a great fit for healthcare organizations — and not just because solar reduces air pollution and makes the world a healthier place, it also provides reliable and 24/7 uninterrupted power supply. Health is wealth they say, human life is precious, and as such zero chances should be taken when […]